Fitness Fight Club aims to be India’s very first fitness center to promote networking through branding for both, our members as well as current and prospective business partners. At FFC, our main objective is to remove the stigma surrounding this misunderstood sport and educate the masses on its benefits and how boxing, Muay Thai and mixed martial arts can change YOUR LIFE to your benefit. Our programs are designed to increase your fitness level regardless of your age or background. Getting and staying fit and healthy is for everyone.

Through the influx of technology; children, teenagers and adults alike are leading sedentary lives in front of the computer and television. Gone are the days of riding our bikes and running for the sake of running outside our homes. This lifestyle shift has led to increased obesity and overall ill health the world over. Being healthy and fit improves not just your body but your mind; leaving you feeling more confident, rejuvenated and might I dare say, SEXIER! I see no reason in putting off a very positive, beneficial change for you and your family today…

So then this brings us to the question of, WHY FFC? Because our regime, instills discipline and focus, a definite positive in your daily life. This alone will push you to excel in all your endeavors… for work, family and society. A positive in my book!

Austin Prakesh
Founder and CEO, FFC
President, White Collar Bouts
Venture Capitalist


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