Gentlemen, Welcome to the Fitness Fight Club! Now in India!

This is a guest post by Fitness Fight Club member Chethan Comet.

Comet is a Patent Attorney by profession, Writer/Musician by interest, and a newly turned MMA enthusiast.

This was me 2 months ago.

Bored, tired, sleepy, stressed, and just pissed in general.

And this is me now.

After I joined the Fitness Fight Club (The best f@#$in decision of my life!)

2 months since joining the club, I’ve been training in Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-jutsu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, ProSports Conditioning, and Strength/Mobility.

Yes, Mixed Martial Arts has finally arrived in India! and Bangalore is where it all begins!

When I first ventured to check out the Fitness Fight Club at Domlur, Indiranagar, I expected less. You know how it is out here. Everyone trying to ride the latest fitness fad among youngsters by opening a dingy half-baked gym with random equipment, self-trained instructors, and “special offers” to help you lose weight “quickly”.

But what I saw instead was a posh, professional, world class facility run by the Meanest and the Most Ruthless bunch of Top fighters and trainers from around the globe! Don’t believe me? Eat this –

Their Leader? Take a bow!

Mr. Austin Parekh, Founder/CEO of the Fitness Fight Club and Venture Capitalist who fights out of passion!

Here is Austin (in green/white) and his fantastic team of highly skilled trainers who’re great fighters and achievers by their own merit.


So without further ado and bullshit, I dare you now – Yes, YOU, sitting in your puny little cubicle, piling on the fat muscles, and wondering if your life has meaning to it, come take a TRIAL CLASS at the Fitness Fight Club at Domlur, Indiranagar, Bangalore today. I’ll bet your ass, you’d never have subjected your much-ignored flabby body to this hardcore fighting routine!

Oh I forgot to mention, IF IT’S YOUR FIRST CLASS AT THE FITNESS FIGHT CLUB, YOU HAVE TO FIGHT! Kidding! You’ll just end up catching your breath, sweating like a pig, nursing a body ache, and itching to return.

See you at the CLUB!